New Sauce Alert! The homie Dready Bravo out here making headway with his newly released EP “Don’t Break” “Don’t Break” is a compilation of songs put together to show what be on his mind & the vibes he put out or go through on a day to day. is now on ALL platforms. Dready is from Memphis, Tennessee where hustling is mandatory. It’s where he get his drive from, the motivation to out perform and out hustle all his competition. He’s been on the music trail seriously for 2 years strong. Just grinding & trying to find his lane in the music game. Along with dropping some solid joints, he’s putting in the ground work & building the right connections. His motto “networking is key for success.” Dready got the “Don’t Break Apparel” which you can find on his social media @DreadyBravo, with the website coming soon. With all the madness going on in the world, Dready has been focused. He’s putting together this new project, (got a couple songs already recorded) and a lot more work to do but be on the lookout for that new sauce. You can tell how inspired he is from the substance in his music. Nothing but motivational vibes on this project. He really took his time with this one. My favorite joints are “Last Supper” & “Highly Favored”. Definitely a great start for 2021. Can’t wait to hear more!

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