New sauce alert! Jersey artists Elzo Bandz (who passed away not too long ago), & Ty Baby just linked up for that sauce! They was heavy on this! It’s good to see the homie Ty Baby on this representing the town & Elzo very well! Elzo was really one hell of a rapper. His energy was different & he had the bars to match. It’s not too many artists in Jersey that had his sauce. This year really was one of the worst years in history. Elzo Bandz been delivering nothing but quality sauce while he was here. One of Jersey’s next up artists going hard as ever! If you ask me, Elzo was on his way.

This joint just reminds me how talented Elzo really was & his presence affected everyone around him. We spoke shortly before he passed & I just told him how proud i was of him. He told me he had so much in store for us. He really was about to apply some pressure. I definitely feel like Elzo underrated as a rapper & he was getting bigger & better by the day. As I said before, Not everybody can make it where we from. It’s really real out here especially when you coming from the bottom. Tune In! Straight Sauce Right Here! LONG LIVE ELZO!

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