New Sauce Alert! Rising new artist Yung Kyng recently released the visuals for one of his latest tracks “Came Up From Nothing” not too long ago & you know he came heavy. This just added to the sauce. It’s also out on all digital platforms as well. A must watch & listen right here. This some real spill for the streets & the culture right here. This joint was too real! He giving off motivational vibes that everybody need to hear if you ask me. Hailing all the way from Houston, he’s been making music for over 10 years as of now. Yung Kyng made me a fan of this because this type of music can get you through some times. Some wouldn’t understand.

Yung Kyng has hopes & dreams of becoming a signed artist one day & he’s been learning the business nonstop. With all his insight that he has now, he’s leaning more towards being an independent artist because he think he can learn how to be successful in the industry on his own. Maybe start a label one day who knows. Yung Kyng be talking some real spill in this one. you can hear it in his voice. He got a story to tell. Hopefully, some more sauce come from him in the near future! Some of my favorite joints from him. “Wash War Zone” & “Different Cloth” are my favorites. The video made it! This that sauce!