New Sauce Alert! The homie Ismael Fariis just dropped some new heat off on us. His new single “Been Dope” featuring Big Meet is out now on ALL platforms. Ismael Fariis who’s from Panama City, Florida but now residing in the DMV. He been rapping seriously since 2017, and have released only one EP. as of now. Ismael is currently the process of making my first official Mixtape titled “Icemane” (after his first rap name). As far as music overall, he’s been writing since 12 & recording since 15. Even though he was born in Florida but moved to New Jersey and Virginia due to family crisis after my mom passing. The struggle and hard childhood he’s had inspired me to create his brand “No Ordinary Life”. Speaking real life from his perspective, But that’s to be heard in the music. Nov 2020 I will be releasing another ep which yet to be named

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