This joint crazy! Ain’t even gonna lie, I been was waiting on this for some time now. A must watch & listen right here. The homie Foe Huned just made a club banger. “BUSS DOWN” is his latest lowkey hit. This need to catch fire like the hit it is. The New Jersey artist Foe Huned been applying pressure this year. This is what you call a heat seeker! This joint is definitely the song to play when you partying or clubbing. Straight from the trenches talking HEAVY but in his bag the whole time. Foe really go crazy. Nobody not talking it how he talking it. His verse was straight sauce talk. 🔥 I definitely feel like This joint is on his latest album which I’m still bumping to this day. I felt where she was coming from with this one. One of my favorite joints out right now. You know it’s in the playlist too. This a straight vibe right here! He sauced on this joint!

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