Bàree Swervo – Step In (Music Video)

New Artist Alert! Now, this is what you call Heavy!! Now if you ask me, It’s a few young cats doing they thing right now on they way up but the homie Bàree Swervo just dropped a banger! New Joint “Step In” is straight fire!. Another rising artist coming out of New York & he fire. You can tell this joint right here is something different. Not even gonna lie, this joint caught me off guard but, this is some heat🔥! This joint might be a little underrated. He’s the first one to use an artist like Fivio name & make it sound hard. Shout out to the producer of this jawn because this beat is crazy! Bàree Swervo was talking hot but keeping it sauced at all times🗣! I was gonna throw it on the blog as soon as it dropped but I been bumping it like non-stop. One of my favorite new joints and artists on my blog. He really got his own sauce. Waiting for it to catch fire. I gotta feeling this won’t be the last time we hear from him & he’s definitely on my radar. That Sauce Right Here!

Drop some sauce

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