This that pressure right here! The South Philly artist just dropped his new visuals “EVERLAST”. This one of my favorite joints out right now, period. I done played in like 10 times already. It’s in my Spotify playlist “SauceFromVeli” & I’ve been getting good feedback about the song the past few days. Zm5 got got more than a few hot joints in the catalog but other than that not much but he got it. I expect a lot more sauce from him. Can’t believe it’s been almost a year since he dropped his hit “Hate Me”. If you real, you can feel every word in this song. He make that pain music. Not too many coming like he coming. Actually talking about real life pain & the grind. He definitely preparing for 2021. One of the most underrated artists in Philadelphia. This song is too slept on. The homie need his credit because he bodied this. I felt this That Sauce Right Here!