Jersey stand up! The homie Reem Ali back with fire like he never left! released a new project recently “Bad Habits” which is out on ALL platforms! Definitely a must listen right here. This project production is heavy. “Bad Habits” been getting me through the month. Especially that first joint “Whatchu Know About”. A few joints project can be found in my Spotify playlist (SauceFromVeli) too! Love what he did with this project, honestly. He took his time with this one. This project depicts coming up through hard times of the slums & tragedy that he’s dealt with in the past. Even though I done listened to this more than 10x, his voice still make you feel every song. One of the rawest artists from my home state(New Jersey). I got a sneek peek of his new music “No OD” before it dropped & knew he was onto something special with this project! Reem Ali knows how to put some good music together. He stepped it up with this one! Get With Bro On IG @HDD__Ali. Straight sauce right here!

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