New Sauce Alert! For awhile now, Swiezo has made a name for himself
as a true entertainer. After dropping out of college to pursue an acting career,the death of his grandmother hit him
hard. Alone & in pain, he bounced around from psychiatric facilities to shelters and finally homeless, sleeping outside.
Picking himself up, Swiezo channeled his pain into music; delivering motivational tunes for people in similar broken
situations. In 2018, Swiezo began developing a local buzz after the
release of his debut project, “Apocalypse Out Loud“. Since then, Swiezo has elevated his brand and his status in the music scene. His unique sound and infectious stage presence captivates audiences from all walks of life and creates an environment that takes on a life of its own. He’s damn near a modern day rockstar
. This joint right here paints a picture of him a little. His rawness keeps him in his own lane.

Swiezo has performed at various music venues from Rock and
Roll Hotel, Ultrabar,
and the legendary SOB’s in New York City––to music festivals such as Workhouse Mural Project and A3C Festival in Atlanta, GA. With signature projects like 15A: Ramp Closed and hit songs like “That’s a Bet”, “Zit”, and “Holographic Hell Horse”, Swiezo is quickly becoming a household name in the DMV area as one of its most notable performers––best known for his headlining tour, Swiezoland™.
Established February 2019, Swiezoland™ has debuted 3 installments in its first year; reaching over a thousand people across the U.S. and abroad. Swiezo’s highly anticipated studio album, Swiezoland is
available now on all platforms.
He’s the life of the party. Straight sauce!

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