Mulaa & Big Moose linked up and went crazy! They out here putting out pressure dudes. They just dropped off their latest visuals “Lurkin” & this is probably my favorite joint out right now. Mulaa been putting out a lot of pressure this year CONSISTENTLY! He really haven’t missed yet, honestly. I’m ready for a new project from him. The way he elevates with his music is different. He in is own lane & everything he put out gets better over time. His delivery gives you goosebumps when he speak. One of the very few artists on the rise that’s been delivering nothing but heat worth talking about. It feel good to see the homie Big Moose out that cell & back to work.

Moose was definitely missed!  This joint was heavy even though he went off lightly!! He been putting on for jersey heavy! He dropped Suge “Remix” which was one of the hardest remixes to that song ever. After going cold, he back & better than ever. Definitely sounds like he didn’t miss a beat. I’m Just waiting on a project from him as well to see where he’s really at with this music. Easily, a top 10 artist coming out of Jersey. His flow be crazy when he on tracks. Glad him & Mulaa made this happen. Jersey’s finest with that heat! Straight sauce right here!

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