Mulaa really different for this! He out here putting out that pressure. He just dropped off his latest visuals “Picture Perfect” & this is probably my favorite track by him. Mulaa been putting out a lot of pressure this year CONSISTENTLY! He really haven’t missed yet, honestly. I’m ready for a new project from him. The way he elevates with his music is different. He in is own lane & everything he put out gets better over time. The way he delivers, He gives your goosebumps when he speak. One of the very few artists on the rise that’s been delivering nothing but heat worth talking about. Mulaa got Jersey on his back right now & he could take it!

He make you a fan as soon as you listen to his music. One of Jersey’s finest going hard as ever! You already know as soon as he drop, I tune in. He smoke everything he get on. One of my favorite artists out right now. Not everybody can make it where we come from. He not going nowhere no time soon. Ready to have that Top 5 right now conversation. Make sure you stream “Life4Granted” which is on all digital platforms right now. Tune In! That Pressure Right Here 🌊!