This might be the best joint of 2020. HOTBOII linking up with Lil Baby on this is something I didn’t see coming. This was serious! The Florida artist has been making some serious moves lately. I first heard of him a few months back & wasn’t really a fan until I heard his project “Kut Da Fan On” which was fire! He different from all the other Florida artists I be hearing. The original version of this song really put him in a certain spot in my eyes. Every real one gotta feel this. This was straight from the heart.

It’s crazy how Lil Baby perfected his voice. You can tell how comfortable he is when he switches flows compared to when he first came out. A lot of artists should learn from him. Lil Baby has been my favorite mainstream artist this year. Everything he touching, he just going crazy. He came from the heart on this but still was talking heavy. He’s definitely in a lane of his own, musically. Lil Baby is on almost everybody’s album, doing the most features, etc… He has so much talent to give. He’s writing history at this point Much respect to him right now. The legendary duo I never seen coming went crazy on this! You gotta feel this. That Sauce.

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