I know I’m a little late on this but you know this joint had to hit the blog! Bando & Beno did they thing! The two WOO demons linked up for that sauce! They straight went off on this lowkey. That beat crazy but the way they treated this song going back & forth was fire! Definitely New York’s hottest artists on the rise right now. I caught this joint late on Instagram & played it a few times before I was like “They talking heavy”! Bando & his rhyme schemes never disappoint. Bando is the next up for Brooklyn.

Bando work ethic the last month and change has been crazy. They both got real critical on this joint, SERIOUSLY. Beno a straight up demon. He was talking his talking on this. The visuals was on point for this one. Good combo right here. The WOO run New York period. I feel like everybody is a lot more hungrier this time around. This was an unexpected fire duo! That sauce right here!

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