Flexx Kapone a.k.a Jeremy Jones was born in California but raised in MemphisFlexx moved back and forth from different regions of Mississippi & Memphis during his childhood years & due to the constant moving he became more serious about his music career as an artist. He felt that music symbolized some form of stability in his ever-changing life and the constant obstacles he faced growing up. Flexx began learning about free-styling from watching hisolder cousins freestyle he decided to follow their footsteps and tried freestyling himself at ten years old. It wasn’t long after that when he picked up writing as he got older. Flexx did this as a way of expressing himself and to stay out of trouble. What once was a hobby for Flexx grew to be a passion. Flexx continued to freestyle and write as it helped him to cope with the struggles of growing up from a broken home as if being raised by a single mother wasn’t enough Flexx never really knew who his father was growing up.

In early 2015, Flexx signed to Colossal Records and started making a name for himself in his city by releasing his first single “Straight 2 The Point” which featured Allen Mathis due to the massive support and good feedback Flexx decided to release another single “A1” which featured June B this single got his name buzzing in his city which than eventually led to him dropping his first mixtape “No Turning Back” in 2015. 

The following year in 2016, Flexx released his second mixtape titled “Already Major”. He followed that up with his third project titled “Forever” 2 years later in 2018. Which was a compilation mixtape of hits and than 2 years later in 2020. He released his fourth mixtape 901 to 662. Flexx since then has done shows in his city. He’s also traveled outside of his city to perform at different shows, events. He’s been featured in many magazines and has had his music featured on many mixtapes and radio stations. Flexx brings pain and real life experiences into his music to give listeners an understanding of where he has been and to give the story of a true underdog who is trying to overcome all odds to reach his dream as a musician one day at a time.

https://spinrilla.com/mixtapes/flexx-kapone-901-to-662 CLICK HERE TO LISTEN TO THE PROJECT!
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