I covered Ace Tre awhile back when we started working with his EP “One Day” which was pretty solid. Since then, as the world has went bananas with this whole pandemic, race issue etc…, It has not stopped Ace Tre at all. Ace Tre is a rising artist originally from Oklahoma City but relocated to New York. almost a year ago. Last time we talked, he just met with Complex & Interscope (DASH) + he signed with Wilhelmina (Modeling Agency). Fast forward to know Ace been all over the world MAKING a statement with his brand on the FASHION side. I would definitely consider him a visionary rockstar.

His sauce just different! It’s dope to see an indie artist actually utilize their brand & leverage. He has a unique, stylish and enthusiastic flow & he knows how to put it together musically. His musical influences are Prince, Jimi Hendrix, Mike Jones, future, wiz Khalifa etc.. This won’t be the last time you hear from him as I said before. He’s not done yet. With some more heat expected to be coming soon, we’re just watching him sauce his way on the map. Ace Tre making the music journey look easy right now! It’s not always about the music, & he’s showing you that!

Make sure you check out his music & get ready for what’s next.