Some new sauce right here from the homie King Yabba & it’s pretty solid! King Yabba is keeping himself in the mix with dropping quality music back to back. This new joint “Enemies” is dope. King Yabba is an indie artist on the rise who’s just been grinding & creating like crazy. He’s been doing his thing musically for awhile now & he’s only getting better. Just been experimenting with new sounds lately trying to catch his true sauce but he’s been dropping some quality music these past few months. He dropped “Outta Line” before this was pretty dope too. He was talking sauce talk on this new joint “Enemies”.

You can hear his growth as an artist in this song. He’s definitely saucing his way up slowly but surely. I was feeling this joint when he dropped it. It’s in my playlist right now. I like the route he’s taking with his music career. You can tell this is something he’s passionate about. It’s a lot more sauce coming from him 2020 & it’s coming together well. He’s definitely got some sauce to dish out. Straight sauce right here!

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