Let’s Go🔥🔥🔥🔥!!! I’m a little late to this but I’m here though. The Big Loc Cruch Calhoun & Dave East just dropped a hood classic “God’s Favorite” & They was talking HEAVY!! It’s already in the Top 5 on the blog Spotify playlist “SauceFromVeli”. I remember hearing snippets of this joint & was like that song TOUGH. Y’all better wake up already & stop sleeping on The Cuz. Cruch been doing this for years !! 💯. Dave East was definitely a spark in this track. Dave East arguably top 5 right now when we speaking rappers. Glad to see him back in the mix after His friend & one of my favorite artists “King Shooter” passed on not too long ago. East tone a little different in his music now. They definitely went hard on this. They wouldn’t be a pretty bad duo. Waiting for a collab tape featuring these two. Cruch one of the hardest rappers coming outta Jersey right now. I’m from Jersey so believe me when I tell you, he got us looking good. Everything he put out is fire. This What Jersey Sound Like! That Sauce! #ROSELLEUSA!