Salute to the homie Sappo Floss for this BANGER! He Killed this right here🔥🔥. That XXX Tentacion sample was crazy! He came like Sleepy a little bit. I been saying NY is taking back the culture & they on fire right now. Sappo was talking hot on this. Sappo Floss been the TRUTH. I been watching him for months now. He gets better every song☄️🔥. You really hear that Pop Smoke energy when he come on the track. Brooklyn is crazy right now, Woo running it! 💫 Sappo Floss made this jawn a movie. The whole WOO is lit right now. Sappo give me that Pop smoke, Beno ora meaning he’s bound to have that banger thats gonna take off but he still Raw as ever. He bodied this joint . Need this on whatever streaming platform ASAP! Anxious to hear more from him and see his moves 2020. This is how you talk that talk. NY sounding real good right now! He putting out some quality heat right now. Straight Sauce!

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