Again, This just proves how versatile FBG Duck is!!! Straight pressure right here🔥🔥 & he was in his feelings. Duck always seemed to be a emotionless person & reckless full with rage, a lot of hate but you can tell he deals with things on the daily. I know how some of that feels. Getting depressed behind the bullsh*t 😞 a lot of times but he here & he got a reason to go hard like he do. Ghetto Angels hit different when you can relate 💔 long live my guys. One of his songs when he just pouring out emotions. Duck high key been the best artist from the Drill Era.. Y’all was just sleep! Soul Burn is a sad but beautifully written song. Glad he’s with Sony. If you a real one this hit different! Duck the real new wave of Chicago music. Sauce right here.

FBG Duck – Soul Burn (Official Video)