NEW SAUCE ALERT! Oochie Spiff born December 7th 1996 as Seiko Dotson , he’s an rising hip hop artist born in Brooklyn, New York. He is mainly known for his extraordinary talents & high energy on stage, with his latest project “The Oochie Way“ on all platforms including the blog’s Spotify playlist. This joint “Work Out” which is the next single off the project is a little up tempo song everyone could bump to. Straight banger if you ask me. He was sliding on this.

At the moment his currently working on “The Oochie Way pt.2” Due out this summer with some special features & production. Through all the madness going on, Oochie Spiff is still finding ways to deliver quality content. These visuals were on point. The intro to this was hilarious. Oochie definitely got his creative juices flowing during this time. He sauced on this. Straight banger! Oochie is signed to his own label Bloodline Entertainment so be expecting him & his camp to have that heat this year. This definitely some sauce right here! Heavy!

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