Bugz Low & KD got the sauce with this one! They new joint “Juice” is fire! KD Baby & Bugz Low might be the next hottest duo in New York. Bugz hopped on this talking HOT! He already made his other video “SWORNED IN” a movie low-key. Bugz was talking real hot on this. He on my radar something serious right now. His whole verse was lowkey homicide. They got the streets rocking. KD Baby conquer everything 🙏🏿🔥🔥. This jawn had me turnt to the max!

KD be going off when he want to & I like the way he walked on this. You can tell they came on this with the juice . They putting on for New York heavy right now. The whole Woo been going crazy this year! I done played this like 10x and it had to hit the blog!! They all sauced on this something different. New York got the whole hip hop culture going crazy! They need more attention but you know the media like gimmicks.. I don’t! Straight Sauce right here!

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