New York really took the sauce back musically🔥! This joint straight pressure right here! CHICHIGWAPGOD Links up with OT9 BENO from #800ForeignSide for this banger “VIBES”. They both walked on this track, SERIOUSLY. CHICCHIGWAPGOD was talking his talking on this. The visuals was on point for this one. Good combo right here. The WOO run New York period. They been going crazy since all of last year. Ever since Pop died, I feel like everybody is a lot more hungrier. I expect a few artists to have a big year 2020 even with this frenzy & Beno is one of them.

The Brooklyn artist caught a banger with this one. He was talking real hot on this! He’s going to be a huge artist (mark my words) when he step into his lane. A lot of new heat coming from him this year.!  His gritty sound & rawness be killing tracks. W💫💫 putting on more for NY something different right now. He go crazy every time he touch something. Beno did his thing on this! Streets on lock! That Sauce Right Here!

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