Shaq Wood$ made me a fan of his recently. When you see what i’m talking about, you’ll understand. This video right here is bananas! Mention the name Shaq Wood$ to anyone that knows of him and the first thing they will speak on are his creative music videos. Wood$ started taking music seriously at the end of 2018 when he released his first official music video to the fan favorite & one of my favorites, “Coupe”. Wood$ continuously fed his new fans with content. From Hailing from Essex County, New Jersey to taking business trips to Puerto Rico, Los Angeles, and New York to shoot music videos, Wood$ has been on the constant move.

He’s making us Jersey natives proud with this talent. Shaq Wood$ is here to make noise in the music industry. Wood$ is known for his creative visuals & his unheard of sound. New music that anyone can vibe to is always in store when listening to Shaq. If you like to be amazed by visuals, Shaq Wood$ is your guy. His music catalog is fire & I can’t believe I’m just finding out about this guy. He straight sauced on this track. I don’t know what was harder, the music or visuals & they both crazy. True creative right here. He putting out straight sauce!

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