The homie YA$E released his visuals for “LoneWolf” a few months back & the sauce had to get to it. Jason “YA$E” Vogel was born October 25, 1994 in Los Angeles, California. Growing up he faced adversity through the juvenile system & in school. He found his motivation for his music while being stuck in the justice system. YA$E had nothing else to turn too except his notepad. He lost his father at a young age and shortly after him, his mother and sister packed up and moved right outside his mothers hometown of Philadelphia. Through lyrics of pain and struggle in his music, the rising artist is telling us a dope story. His goal is to be “A voice of hope to help those in need.” He is set to release his follow up project to 2019’s “BlackSheep” project which will be titled “LoneWolf” dropping this June 2020.

His new music coming is a tape that focuses on pushing through the bad times and being okay with being alone. Using the situation he’s in to fuel & keep him going. LoneWolf because it’s just him putting these projects together. This video shows just a glimspe of what he’s coming with. His journey is interesting. As his music gets better, he’s growing in all aspects as an artist.

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