This joint Heavy! Ain’t even gonna lie, I caught a snippet of this on IG & was like she got another one. She already made me a fan with “DAMAGED” & she just following up with more heat. This jawn is like a breath of fresh air. Her voice along with that real spill as she spitting really sperate her from a lot of these artists. I feel like Goddess Mervzani is in her own lane especially with her sound. Straight from the heart talking HEAVY. This kinda give you chills. 🔥 Creating tracks like these gone have the streets! I felt where she was coming from with this one. LoyalTyreke bodied his verse. He was talking real life spill. Liked how he maneuvered on this.

Definitely an artist to watch! Goddess Mervzani is a rising artist coming outta New Orleans, LA! This joint “Long Road” is her latest joint featuring LoyalTyreke. They sauced on this track. I’m hear for all the sauce. You know this had to hit the blog. This need to catch fire like the lowkey hit it is. Straight sauce here! Sauce Symphony right here!

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