Jersey stand up 👏!! The big bro Reem Ali released a project “Tomorrow was yesterday” a while back that’s out on all platforms & had to spin back around to this joint! Definitely a must listen. This joint been getting me through this corona virus madness. This can be found in my spotify playlist #InTheSauceWeTrust too! This record holds weight right here! This song depicts hard times of the slums & tragedy that he’s dealt with in the past. This one get you in your feelings a little bit. Even though I done listened to this more than 100x, his voice still make you feel it. One of the rawest artists from my homestate. I got a sneek peek of his new music coming & he still heavy! Get With Bro On IG @HDD__Ali. Straight sauce right here! More sauce on the way. So stay tuned! That Sauce Right Here!

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