I know I’m a little late on this but you know this joint had to hit the blog! Bando went off on this lowkey. That beat crazy. He’s actually treating this song like its light work. Definitely One of New York’s hottest artists on the rise right now. I caught this video on his Instagram & played it a few times before I was like “He talking heavy”. This joint really is fire from the beat down to Bando & his rhyme schemes.

He was very creative with this one. There is nothing like good music that gives you an original feel & give you that bop. RESPECTFULLY still one of my favorite joints from him till this day. He definitely needs more credit than what he’s getting. . Bando has gotten a lot better musically & we starting to see him have some fun a bit. Light Sauce! It was only right this hit the blog. Anxious to hear more & see more from the rising artist. That sauce right here! This is super 🔥 🔥!