Connecticut is on the rise and the grind is beginning with Kenajee. Never looking back at his life without music, Kenajee makes a commitment to gathering fans through his melodic trap style influence, Today Kenajee drops off a brand new 8 track EP called No Day’s Off. With lyrics of life’s hindrances, the life of Kenajee has hustle passed it’s daunting corners within the music industry.

Kenajee says: “In the future I want to work with Travis Scott, I don’t want to work with my influencers as a fan but as an artist. I want to learn new things when I’m in the studio with someone I look up to. Also I would like to work with other upcoming artists like Kyslingo and Kaash Paige….. If I’m not making music, I’m brainstorming. I like to plan out different ways to work and be successful. I listen to music that I’d never listen to for more creativity. Music is always around me so even when I’m not working I got it on my mind. Also I like to learn about new fashion brands and street wear.”

The project was produced by Rollo Ao who is able to capture burdened rhythmic pianos and guitars over driving drums. Also the entire project was mixed and mastered by the young go-getter Kenajee himself. The future is looking bright so stay connected by following him on Instagram, YouTube, Spotify, and Soundcloud. Stop wasting time and support the project here.