Jade Elise - Lilacs Cover3 bright

Jade Elise delivers a chilling record set to transcend listeners into a hypnotic realm. She does so through her uncanny, ingenious melodic flow that soothes with conviction. Seconds into the record Elise exudes her confidence and agility to harmonize through a spectroscope of worldly sounds, blends of clapping drums and bass, as well as slight cuts and scratches.

Don’t let ‘lilacs’ in a vase fool you, Jade Elise sways her own way with no restrictions and proves to shine and top multi-genre charts.

“Lilacs” single by Jade Elise is available on preferred platforms below.

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Connect with Jade Elise

@Jademondore on Instagram | @JadeElise on Facebook

“Lilacs” Single & Lyric Video Produced by Sam Goodman, Recorded & Mixed by Small Hands, Mastered by Lingo of Grind Mode Cypher

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