The homie Niko Pease just released his latest track “Dream Chasing” & it’s solid! The rising hip hop artist is based in Syracuse, New York & he’s been on the music grind for a few years now. After His biggest song “Suicide Note” reached around 700,000 plays organically, he’s been ready to release his music to his fans. For instance, he’s been creating a vault of music lately for his fans to look forward to. Creative & only getting better with each song. Niko showing a lot of growth musically. Only around 2 years into his career, & he’s moving at a good pace with devoted listeners being right there behind him. “Dream Chasing” is a song that you can compare to his old stuff & hear his growth musically. Listening to his music will tell you a lot bout him. Niko Pease portrays his true emotions about going through life’s toughest battles in his music. His music has always served as an escape for himself, along with his die hard listeners as well. Some sauce right here. A dope artist with some tunes. In other words, Tune In!

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