My Dawg Fleaa Mason just dropped that sauce! The highly anticipated project “Fleaa SZN” is finally here. One of my go to joints when it’s time to get lit. The homie Fleaa Mason been on the heavy grind giving us nothing but sauce & quality. I been waiting on him to drop “STUNNA” for months. Fleaa Mason is underrated asf. He been putting on for Brooklyn heavy. The only artist that’s not really in the lime light but still doing his thing. He need more credit. A lot of artists dropping a bunch of bull. Definitely can find some joints in my playlist in Spotify ‘InTheSauceWeTrust’ & will be in there until the end of the summer probably. That Sauce Right Here! Hard! Fleaa Mason bodied this whole tape right here. New York got some of the best upcoming talent in the game. The culture is definitely re-shifting but I feel like hip hop need to be centered more around New York than Atlanta. This is what I wanna hear. Fleaa was spittin some wavy lines on this throughout this whole project. Had to blog about it. This definitely won’t be the last time I blog him. He straight sauced on this. I already bumped more than 5 times since it dropped. That sauce right here!!

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