New York, New York (April 16th, 2020) – Washington D.C. native Fat Eric links up with Tae Moneybagz, aka Big Gordo for a hustle & passion themed single titled “No Loiterin’.” Modeled after the classic Jeezy and T.I. Southern rap songs of the early 2000s. This latest single emphasize the duo’s latest attempt to acquire more money and put on for their city. I done listened to this joint a few times already since I got my ears on his music. Ran through his catalog & he got some heat, MORE THAN THIS! They was talking that talk on this. Everything was on point. You can find this in the blog playlist on Spotify. With the whole frenzy happening currently due to COVID-19, Fat Eric is not letting his gas foot off the pedal. To support his mission of hustling, ‘No Loiterin’ is available to stream on all digital streaming platforms. Make sure you stay tuned with him on Instagram (@FatEricc). They both sauced on this one..

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