Yeahh I’m happy NY takes the UK serious fr I love what this is doing for the culture. Eli Fross just dropped a banger! He snapped on this jawn something different. Been a fan of the homie for a minute. Brooklyn’s Finest Eli Fross Crazy. Eli Fross been putting on for awhile but I think 2020 might be his year if he keep flaming like this. Eli always cooking up nothing but heat & sauce. Fli Fross been saucing his way up the ladder since I first heard him. He kinda sound like Sheff but his talk heavier. I can sense him applying pressure real soon. Eli Fross is one of the coldest, underrated artists in the game right now ❄️. He a beast for this one🔥! I need this on apple music, Spotify and everything else. Sauce Alert!

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