Curly Savv back & better than ever! He just dropped his project “GLOCKY SZN” which dropped everywhere today🔥🔥🔥! He definitely was missed for a little bit because i remember when he was on fire. Him & Dah Dah kinda had the streets almost at one point until some beef started. Curly Savv is and will forever be one of the pioneers of drill music in Brooklyn! Money & Colors is just one of many visuals that Curly done dropped off! Straight pressure right here. The beat giving me pop smoke vibes. This definitely about to get Curly name clout again. Once he gets his clout back he gonna be the front runner for the Woos. His new tape Woo academy bout to be a BK classic🔥 If Curly talking hot, you know the track about to slap something serious. Curly Savv just put his foot on necks with this new project💪💯💯. & it’s safe to say HE’S BACK! Curly gonna be viral if he continues like this keep being great. This joint heavy! That sauce!

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