Reezie Roc back with some more sauce for the sauce! Reezie is an entrepreneur & rising artist from Columbia, South Carolina who’s been in the music business for 10 years plus (3 of those years being Independent. He’s been doing great with no real machine or team behind him as far as having a (manager, stylist, label or PR) but just because he takes care of his own stuff doesn’t mean he is not looking for help. Reezie owns salons, custom apparel shop/lines, & other ventures. Definitely saucing hard as an indie artist. I feel like he in his own lane as an artist. His music gets better & better especially with this new project. . He created a new genre called #LuxuryCigarMusic aka #DapperRap. Capone Calhoun is full of sauce and philosophy.Reezie Roc has music everywhere, so make sure you check him out. Creative, smart & actually has some substance in his music but make you wanna bop at the same time. His talk different. He’s showing the luxury side to this. That Sauce Right Here!