Heavy on it! Now if you ask me, It’s a few young cats doing they thing but the homie I-I Fetti really on his way up. Rising artist coming out of New York & he fire. This this joint right here is something different. They got straight groovy on this! Not even gonna lie, this is some heat🔥! Different vibe right here💯. Shout out to the producer of this jawn because this joint is heavy! UK Beats really got the culture on alert right now. Prince Fetti was talking hot but keeping it sauced at all times.🔥🔥🔥🗣! I was gonna throw it on the blog as soon as it dropped but i had to see if i would like it after listening to this a few times which I did. One of my favorite new joints and artists out right now. He really got his own sauce & you don’t see that a lot with young artists. Waiting for it to catch fire. He saucing his way up slowly. Banger alert right here.. FettyWay! That Sauce Right Here!