Darryl P aka “The Grind Artist” is a RnB artist & songwriter coming from Chicago, Illinois. He Just dropped his album titled (Body, Mind And Soul) recently & its riding! It’s on all streaming platforms as we speak. I had to take some time to sit back & take this album in & it was well worth it. This was kinda like a breath of fresh air. Ain’t nothing like no good R&B now which is hard to find. This project got all the sauce you need. Darryl P was talking that talk on this project. This definitely something you can turn on & up, just to let it play. He definitely bring that 90s/early, 2000s RnB together with modern RnB as far as music to create what he calls the “Darryl P Sound”. You gonna like this project right here. Nothing but vibes. It’s in the Spotify Playlist as well. Expect some visuals for select songs off the album in the near future. Check out that sauce right here!

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