SAMBO (all caps) also known as Chikki Kush links up with Spliff to deliver us an EP titled “Sumn In The Water” while we deal with quaratine. They’re both independent artists from Louisiana on the grind. I listened to this jawn a few times and they definitely age well. Some joints was already recorded but they just fixed it up to drop off. SAMBO & Spliff was going in on this project. My favorite songs off this was ” Watcha Call It”, “Cold Soul” & “22504”. Some quality music for the ears. They was giving me them Mozzy vibes kinda. Watcha Call It was straight raw. They went crazy on that jawn. Sambo always blessing tracks with that raw & grittiness. Wished more rappers had it but he definitely be coming heavy on these tracks.Sat back & enjoyed this joint. They putting out some solid work for this to be their first joint joint tape together. This EP will be on all digital platforms soon.. Anxious to hear more of Spliff this year. They both know how to put the sauce together. Some sauce right here.