Nino Man got the Coronavirus Cure! Hip hop needed this 🔥! What I need should be a challenge on social media. They all ripped it! The culture can’t get no better than this. JERSEY! Harrdluck caught a body on this. One of the rawest rappers from my home state. He be talking real filthy! He represents what Hip hop stands for. MDOT Porter went nuts too. Straight Spazzed on this. I always been a fan of Ms Hustle since the old meek mill days. She been putting on for Philadelphia. They all caught a body on this!Uno one is a beast 💯. I had to spin it back on him twice. Nino became a great for this. I really enjoyed this right here! Made my quaratine just a little bit better. This was good for the world right now, after all the stuff we going through. Straight fire right here!

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