Reemo is 🔥🔥. ReemoVanPrez out here putting on for the NY Heavy. New visuals for statement finally here & he is on his way up! I can definitely say, he’s an artist to watch out for this tear. Reemo beem stepping his game up musically. He been putting nothing but quality sauce since I became a fan. This just put a stamp on him. The exact reason why/how I became a fan in the first place. This New Joint was different. You can feel it when he speak. He sauced heavy on this joint. The title of the song was perfect🔥. He was talking crazy on this! Didn’t expect him to body this like he delivered on this! He saucing his way up slowly. Won’t be the last time you hear from him. Reemo snapped on this. Straight Pressure🔥🔥🔥🔥.