Some dope new content from new rising artist NeYaLa (Nae•yah•la). She’s from Nashville TN. & been making music for 3 years, but started putting it out as an artist for 2. She has a few dope joints out as we speak in her catalog such as “Cash” & “Stuck In My Ways” + NeYaLa is Currently working on her new project while building traction and an audience to her current works. Lately , She’s been all bout networking and immersing herself in the business more. Her new music has a more “masculine” sound in terms of lyrics. So when she sing/rap it’ll have that femininity to balance it out. She got some sauce on her hands & As she gets better in this business, anxious to see how she adjusts her sound & how she move as she goes up. Tune in with her on social media @neyyalamaria

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