The homie Ray is a 21 year old rising artist from Kissimmee Florida
& he’s been making music for about 3 years on the grind heavy!. His latest mixtape “Slides 2” is available everywhere & it’s pretty solid.
His fans have been waiting on this for about 2 years now.
He recently had a gig to open for Pop Smoke RIP🙏 but as soon as he posted the flyer on IG, Pop was found dead the next morning. He has multiple shows and gigs coming up in the next couple of months so you’ll be definitely catching some of his movements..
Ray was supposed to perform at SXSW but due to coronavirus that got cancelled as well. With no exact sound, his goal is to take the listeners through a journey through different genres, and not just one sound. He want them to experience my music not just listen to it which is dope. Some sauce right here!