Straight vibes right here. They go by LifeNoize a (music collective). It’s B Rad Garcia, LN Deuce & DJ Preserve303. They’ve been making music all their lives but been professionally at it for 3 years. All hailing from Denver, Colorado. The Music Collective produce the majority of their work. They grinding heavy right now, currently with 2 projects available everywhere & since the beginning of 2020 they have been releasing a song every Wednesday until the end of the year! Glad I caught this one. Everybody played they part on this track. Something you can play back & just be chilling. LifeNoize did they thing on this joint. A lot in stored for 2020 as they keep this momentum going with these new tracks. Let’s see if they can keep up with the sauce they are delivering. Some sauce right here. Pay attention! Follow Them On Social Media@LN_Deuce, @djpressure303, @B_radgarcia