I see Fivio Foreign video, I click. Simple. Fivio really got it on lock right now. I love what Fivio doing right now musically. It was only right he go to PressPlay Media Which is in the UK to drop his “Light Work Freestyle”. A few other rappers have done theirs already but Fivio just killed it! Never seen a Light Work Freestyle look this lit. It’s official! NYC drill is going to merge into the UK scene by the end of the year. Pressplay is bringing the two sides of drill together, UK + NY forever! This is gonna put PressPlay on the international map! This was a straight body. New York back using their loss as fuel & it’s nothing but good energy on this! Fivio been going off all year CONSISTENTLY. He has came along way. 2019 was definitely a good year for him. We still haven’t seen his best yet. Tdott was going crazy in this video. This video was fuego🔥🔥. W💫💫 for PopSmoke. The legacy will live on 💙. He came on this reckless then ended up saucing on it. He got a lot of bangers in the cut coming as well. He been putting pressure on cats. He made that “aye” adlib valid no question. Fivio really holding it down for the locs now that Pop gone. One of the hottest joints out right now. WOO York is lit. He’s changing the culture!! That that sauce right here!

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