Not gonna lie, I didn’t even process he’s really gone till hearing this track.. Damn Pop. I PLAYED THE INTRO OVER LIKE 10 TIMES😭😭 WOO IN PEACE POP💙. This happened way 2 soon. Pop was just getting started & putting his foot on necks then this happen. Meet The Woo 2 was definitely better than the first. Pop was really stepping up musically. We losing too many real ones in the music game. New York hurting right now but the WOO definitely gonna keep Pop spirit in the air. He had so much quality music to give us. He just wanted everybody to have fun. The good die young still. I’m gonna have Pop on repeat + some of his joints hitting the playlist again. He wasn’t finished by a long shot & they took him. He will always be remembered. He put a hole in the culture. Shout out to Rah Swish for this joint. I had to cover this because it was straight from the heart. You hear the pain in his voice. New York needs prayer and good energy right now.. Rah making Pop proud right now with this. One of the hardest out. Next up! Straight sauce! Long Live Pop Smoke!

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