Rapper, Rashon “LKeys” Butler, is breathing fresh air into the rap game with his versatile and ever-changing sound. As a hopeful 14 year old, he began to develop his craft in deeply introverted secret ironically avoiding the customary boastful presence that’s defined the rap music industry since the coltish heyday of “Rapper’s Delight”. After being convinced that his talent was something to be shared with the world. LKeys continued down the musical path paved by his mentors & carefully crafted his performance skills as an integral part of the Denver hip hop community. Since the release of his newest project, “The Preview EP” in 2018. LKeys elevates his discography and punctuates his resume with opening performances for Plies, Trey Songz, YG, Nipsey Hussle, and various others. This that sauce right here. He did his thing on this joint.


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