Born in Nashville, TN – later migrating to Atlanta, Ga in 1998, Nino The Goat, born Darren Carnes, was brought up in a broken home that had a strict education driven environment. His mother was a professor at Morehouse School of Medicine for 15 years and constantly preached how intelligence and education were the necessities in becoming successful. Darren took his high IQ and pursued a career in music rather than taking a normal career path. He started making music at the age of 16 and initially struggled to find his lane in the ever-changing hip hop genre. From the age of 18 to 22, Nino went through a tumultuous period in the streets. During this time he stepped away from music and was making a living off of illicit activities. At the age of 24 he hit his “Renaissance” period and rekindled his passion for late night studio sessions and bright lights. He took his experiences in the streets and poured them into every song he made thereafter with his grungy chord structures & trap music influenced melodies, finally paving his lane in the industry as the game’s first Trap Rockstar. His joint “Light’s Off” is fire & it’s in my spotify playlist as well.. Straight sauced on this.