Wil Make-It is a rising artist born in Brooklyn NY raised in Lawrence Ma. Now he’s in Japan doing this thing. Im rocking with his movement. He got some heat in his catalog. His international wave is dope. Anxious to see him break.the ice. He saucing his way up slowly.  His words ” From living in a basement with the whole family in New York City to living in Japan, it’s like a dream come true. Joined the Marine Corp after high school. Did 6 years of honorable service which allowed me to experience the world. One thing I learned is that music is the universal language of the world. Even newborn bop their heads to music. Taking that into consideration I decided to make the ultimate sacrifice and leave my family and friends begins and start my music career where everyone wants to end up at, Japan. I’ve been making noise out here with Local artist and fit the reputation of being known for my melodic tone and unusual vibe which I got from listening to all different types of music in Asia. There’s a lot to come in the near future. Music fr DJ Luke Nasty. Mykko Montana and many more. Look out for Me.” – Wil Make-it

Make y’all stay with him on IG @Wil_Make_It

Dope New Visual – I Feel Alright

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