Man, Listen! This was crazy right here. The difference between Max and other white rappers is when he talk his shit, it sounds realistic. Max went crazy on this jawn! This what New York Sound Like!! I been hearing about Max ThaDemon for a lil mintue now, it was only right i do my homework on him. Ciggy Black & Kev went nuts lowkey. Everything was done right with this. Once i heard him say “Red dot on his head like he Hindu” I was like Max need to chill lol. Max didn’t curse this whole song this how you know he got talent. My favorite verse on this was “When you see me it’s terrorism, See ya big homie dead well you can get buried wit em, send bro and I know he hit em” 🔥🔥🔥 Max got the sauce right now, so Im anxious to see how he maneuver in the light.


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