City Boi Willis is a rising artist from LA even though he’s been in Sacramento for 10 years. He just dropped his EP on me. I listened to it a few times and he’s pretty good. My few songs Im fucking with on this EP are ” Puttin’ In Work, Hustle that muscle (Interlude), & Tryna get my shit right.” The whole jawn is good though from start to finish.. He’s been doing his thing for awhile now and he’s looking to make want to make music full time. He has another EP called Live & Learn available on every platform!! City got a 5 song EP called Hidden Agenda coming soon!! With 2 more projects in the works, he’s keeping the music coming trying to elevate and motivate. He wants to tour high schools to perform/mentor and promote a motivational message to the youth. Currently, working on several films and web series as well.. He’s planning to transition into film. A spontaneous artist and with a ton of goals. His eyes wide open and he saucing his way up slowly. This project was a good listen. 

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